<The most desired drawing> starts from the desire to compose disjunction of another possibility, another reason, another time through repetition. -Repetition of the world looks perfect even to the exclusion of something, the real world that completed and presented in front of us. ‘The most desired’ doesn’t mean the end of desire or peak of desire. There exist object of desire that shift its shape constantly, but there is no substance of desire. ‘The most’ just only replaced by ‘Immediate’. ‘What I want?’ rather ‘What the others want from me?’

‘Repetition’ is the most distinct feature of the image of <The most desired drawing>. As it repeats, it turns over, copied, overlapped, paired, reflected. Repeat after repeat, unidentified creepy feeling which seems like face myself is filled on sizzling pencil trace, background is disturbed like a hologram. Those images are not just repeat that one become two, two become four, four become six, but create another image in the boundary where those images are overlapped. The original image makes differences through tautology. Never new, but all new! Repetition recreate itself. It changes its identity. As it repeats, slight difference like needle is revealed, it creates new space since it changes totally the meaning of behind. It is miraculous reversal that cursed human condition give us room to create another space. Even though that human condition is the our desire to see image behind not in front of our eyes.

There is no repeat in completion. It is impossible to imagine anything else in perfection. Repetition can be done through failure, chance to try again would given by gap of Repetition. Our desire to maintain present make us to see the world as harmonious, our desire to change present make us to see the world as yet incomplete. Isn’t imperfection the only world it has possibility to creation. In the movie  <Edge of tomorrow, Doug Liman 2014>, Officer Tom Cruise who deserted to avoid his death, steps on moment of tiresome Repetition consider as his fate, duty by force through his own death. His time loop only reset when he dies from the beginning not when he successfully defeat the enemy. As he fails thousands times, he fails better, he tries again for better failure like what Samuel Beckett said. This is all about ‘The most desired drawing’ which ask us for stop watching life with inertia, beyond illusion push one’s desire up to the end, restart every time from the very beginning.