Images of a flower in my works are a paradox of great beauty in the artificial ecosystem that was not distructed eternally, more natural flower garden that one of nature, a subsidiary nature that was broken and died, and a metaphor against the current society that is pressing to be stuffy. These regular artifical ?flowers that was printed mechanically are some materials displaying and disguising the nature, and a standardized article, and a another rules which human styled it as a nature. Human images, which is seems to be turned away worldly pain while they were intoxicated with visual pleasure that strong original colors is emitting between full-blown flowers, get used to flowers as much as nembers of flower in flower-embroidered beautiful place and get to be senseless, and get to be toxicated from such creepy flowers as bugs. These flowers do not come up to us as happiness and ecstasy, but work as the hallucinogen that was disguised oneself as beauty and distroyed our spirit little by little and confined ourselves from the field of living. Because extrication from a hallucinogen is rather a suffering for them, they have such common idea as it would be good fro them to leave themselves with extrication, so that they come to convert and to surrenser to the non-touchable authority that maximized human being’s isolation and killed the spirit. Eventually, each individual could experience himself as not a natural being that has a unique emotion, but a virtual existence that isolated or paralyzed in these apparitional world. I would like to show paradoxically the loss of each single person’s identification by isolation and alienation, and by a prescribed culture’s and definition’s distortion and falsehood through a printed flower(megazine, textile, output bt computer) and synthesis of painting, and contorted images of human beings that were poisoned by flower’s beauty, and their body that became hard as a stone. In addition, the printed flower means complaint against our environment that was covered by some thoughtless visual images and mass-producted goods. Coloring on the printed images by my willingness is to arrange the appetite that a existed society requires for individual through printed flower by organization of response, its control and repeated regulation, fossilized nature.