It is certain that we live in an age of uncertainty which needed for more living, more thinking, and more intervening than some time, and also in an age of lust which desire of capital captures us at all sphere of daily life. This age has made human being to be “ordinariness” according to combining with weakness of mankind, standardization of their dream and vision, temptation of consumption, endowment of qualification, order of grade of rank, power spirit and display of their power, establishment of truth through ordering system, and also made a well-prepared individual to be a useful being in a society at the least. They obey the society, and how to threaten individual has contributed to their obedience. We could call such person following general reference of a given-culture a healthy and ordinary neighborhood. On the contrary, we can acknowledge that such person who display a shortage of skill to perform a specific job and function without some qualification and ability and who do not meet with a specific standard could be a mad man or a alien. Those who ousted from a well-prepared individual could be controlled and manipulated by power, rule, minor shame as like “You should know your dishonor.” in proper form in which a group want to do. The weakness that is presented from such controlling will be a reason they are kicked out from a social boundary to which they belong. In addition, they have some risk to acknowledge what they recognize the fact by themselves in advance as a self-destructive behavior.

Accordingly, in our life, we hide and disguise the natural and fair needs that free from the negative message which some no-patience group presents such as power, strength, knowledge, justification and that get out of its prohibition order. We also disguise defects betraying his own social position, needs for hiding them, sexual needs, needs for escaping from restriction, madness and strange and rules, desire to escape from system and group. We also perform excessively with healthy looking such as trick and bluster that group wants to camouflage a driving-oriented behavior, unreasonable action, radical uneasiness, physical and mental disability, and to minimize or to hide our insufficient parts. While we equip our total life with psychological suit of armor until we find out some power to be a author to describe our own life and own story, we are forced to yearn for unreal ideology and justice and knowledge, and social position. We are isolated from collectively cultural power to feel a misery if we can not live to adapt these values in our life.

On these basis such as mentioned above, my works for study were painted on magazine. Magazine and printing images presented in my works for study are a symbol for economical power and happiness in advance, and a part related to abundant daily life, and they imply ?cultural authority and dignity including material concern at the same time. As the result. it represents economical power and mental power for which this age require. In addition, it is to replace the lust in manner of disguise and falsehood through operation of response by adding color on magazine image, which requires for individual by basic society such as power from photograph and advertisement image and printing materials. And it has a meaning of “disguise” and irony in this respect of compounding as like mechanical photo image made by hand through “covering” and “hiding”, and “transforming” on the printing image. In this way, I want to express a phantom of capitalism for which magazine prepared and a satirical expression for paradox comparing with personal reality on one screen simultaneously through its distortion and transformation against human’s shape, and also presenting a turing over between a reality and a fiction.

The central figure is a self-portrait and it directed toward the front side and very simple. Expressive face was not revealed well because they do not want to have each personality. It is only to create some type, which is amusement, cynical, expressionless, a phase of incapable person, and unconcern and insensible expression on face such as being transcending all as if they do not care for surroundings. Image of wings, mantle, dog, flower, plant presented on painting are tools to assist such a disguise and a willingness to obtain a personality to become independent as a personal being at the same time.